August 27, 2014

A. Single Leg/ Single arm DB Deadlift from deadstop; 6-8/leg x4; Rest 75 seconds between legs
B. Single arm KB Push Press @50×1; 3-5/arm x5; Rest 75 seconds between arms
C. Pull ups @40×1; 2-4×5; Rest 90 seconds
4 sets
20 seconds assault bike all out effort
– Record calories per set

For part A… THe first 2 sets I did 8 reps using a 30lb DB. Sets 3 and 4… I did 8 reps using a 40lb DB… My balance wasn’t that good for these. I kept having to lightly touch my raised leg to the ground to prevent myself from falling over.

For part B… The first set I did 5 reps using 22lb just to get the feel of the tempo. Sets 2-5 I did 5 reps using a 26.4lb KB. I would have liked to go a little heavier in set 5 but there is no 30lb KB and 35lb was to heavy. Would like to be able to swap in a DB if I want to go up in weight.

For part C… I did all four sets at 4 reps set at 110lb. I have a hard time with the tempo of these just lowering down and pulling back up. I feel like it might take some time before I start to go down in weight here.

For the 20s AB… I did 5 calories each set in the 20s. I don’t think you wanted total calories for the 20s + 3:30 but I could be wrong.

I felt sore today especially from the goblet RFESS from yesterday. I thought my abs and core would hurt more from the 2 100 deadbugs yesterday but it doesn’t. Maybe I am not suppose to be sore there. Today’s workout didn’t feel like much to me. I felt I definitely could have done more. I don’t think the CF gym will let me do my own workouts but I think they will be fine with me substituting certain movements in the workout. I think they post their WOD the night before so we can look at it and I think I am capable of changing it to what you are trying to help me with.

Have a great Labor Day. I will let you know what they end up programming and if I substitute anything. 🙂


August 26, 2014

Movement Prep from FMS
A. Goblet RFESS @30×1; 6-8/leg x4; Rest 90 seconds between legs –
B1. 1-arm DB Bench press with bridge @20×1; 3-5×3 per arm; Rest 30 seconds –
B2. Bridge Single Leg with Core Activation with Band @11×5; 3-5×3 per leg; Rest 60 seconds –
For time:
Deadbugs; 100 with 2 second pause on bottom – alternate legs and arms per rep – quality reps –

For part A… All sets were 8 reps using a 26lb KB. I looked for a 30lb KB… but there isn’t one. I think I could have gone up in weight but not quite yet to 35lb. Can I use a DB here?

For part B1… All sets were 5 reps. The first set I used a 25lb DB… the 2nd and 3rd set I used a 30lb DB.

I looked up how to do the Bridge Single Leg with Core Activation on Youtube… So the functional movement website sent me my confirmation email. When I click on the link you provide it takes me to a log-in page. When I put my password in and my user name and click enter, the same log-in page just keeps popping up. I tried to just go the the website and try to log-in but the same thing keeps happening. The only other email address I have is my work email and I really don’t want to use that for anything personal as my company can see everything we access on our laptops. Therefore I wasn’t able to do the Functional Prep stuff. I tried logging in again tonight and the log-in page basically just refreshes itself every time. I don’t know if it’s my computer, iPad or phone… or if it’s the website. I can try and log in on my work computer… but I go to bed around 9-9:15 every night (why yes I am a loser LOL) so I don’t have time to look at any of it in the morning before we come to the gym. The deadbugs with the 2sec hold at the bottom was really tough. I think the first set of 100 took me almost 9min… but I wasn’t thinking right and didn’t break it up into sets. I did 44 to start and then had to keep taking breaks. The second set of 100 I did in 8:36 and I broke that up into sets. I waited 2 min in between each set so it basically took me 19:36 to do that… not good 😦


August 22, 2014

A1. Double KB FR step up 6-8/leg x 4 rest 30sec
A2. DB prone fly 6-8 x4 rest 30sec
A3. DB push press 10 x 4 rest 90 sec

ODD: Gravitron Pull up 5
EVEN: Gravitron Dip Amrap in 30sec

30 Russian KB swings (heavy)
100M FW
20DB Burpee Step Up
100M double KB FR carry
30 Russian KB swings

For part A1… I used 22lb KB
For part A2…. I used 10lb weights and did 6 reps… those were a little hard
For part A3…. I used 20lb weights

The graviton pull up got harder as the EMOM went on. I could only do around 5-6 Dips in that 30sec. I had the graviton set at 105lb for both the pull-up and dip

For the Russian KB swings I used a 44lb KB
For the 100M FW I used 44lb KB
For the 100M double KB FR carry I used 26lb KB… that was tough carrying those in a front rack position.

I am really really sore today… Not sure if it is from the workout yesterday or the new med I started? One of the side effects is muscle soreness and amplifying muscle soreness. Hopefully its from the workout. I was upset this morning as I thought you forgot about me :(. Then I thought maybe you didn’t send me a workout because I didn’t get the chance to blog yesterday. I will always send you my blog but unfortunately sometimes my work gets in the way, so you might not get it till a day or two later. I was just going to combine some of the workouts you already gave me. Mike Lee was very nice and gave me something. Jason wasn’t up when I left the house so I couldn’t ask him for a workout. I will be gone tomorrow morning through monday morning. I am scheduled to meet you at 5:30 on Monday so I will see you then. Have a good weekend.


August 21, 2014

A. DB RFESS @30×1; 6-8/leg x4; Rest 90 seconds between legs
B. Prone Row @1112; 8-10×4; Rest 100 seconds
C. Half Kneeling KB 1-arm Press @12×1; 4-6/arm x4; Rest 60 seconds between arms – – video please
D. Deadbugs 30 x4; Rest as needed – alternate sides per rep
24 sets
30 seconds assault bike 90% aero
30 seconds rest
– All sets within 5 RPMs

For part A… All sets were 8 reps using 20lbs

For part B… All sets were 10 reps with +20 added

For part C… The first set was 5 reps using 26lb KB and sets 2-4 were 6 reps using 26lb KB

For the AB… All sets were kept between 55-58RPMs

My energy will hopefully be getting back to a good place. I saw a doctor yesterday that changed some of my medications around so we shall see what happens. I am sore today from the RFESS, prone row and half kneeling KB 1-arm press. I feel like the deadbugs are getting really easy to do. I don’t seem to strain as much to keep my core tight.


August 19, 2014

A. Deadlift @3232; 4-6×5; Rest 90 seconds – video last 2 sets, one from front, one from side
B. 1-arm DB Bench Press with bridge @21×1; 4-6/arm x4; Rest 60 seconds between arms
C. Wide Grip Pull up @30×1; 3-5×5; Rest 75 seconds
D. Side Plank clamshell; 24per side x4; Rest as needed
E. DB Seated external rotations @2020; 6-8/arm x3; Rest as needed
15 minutes 85%
15 ring push ups – no worming, your low back cannot be arched, if it arches move to a bench to do push ups
50 double unders
– log time per round, every round should take same amount of time, if you are not within 10 seconds per round terminate the workout

For Part A… you saw the videos… all sets were 6 with 115lbs
For Part B… all sets with both right and left arm were 6 reps and the weights were… 20, 25, 25, 30
FOr Part C… 5 (135) 5 (120) 5 (120) 5 (120) 4 (120). I have a hard time with wide grip… I can’t do wide grip kipping pull-ups… I can only do them with my hands closer together so these were a bit of a struggle.
For Part E… Left 8 (7.5) 8 (10) 8 (12.5) right 8 (7.5) 8 (10) 8 (12.5)

For the 15 mins… I am not used to trying to keep sets the same for time or ever timing my sets like that. The first round was fast and the second round was over a minute slower. I did a couple of more rounds and my times were all over the board. Therefore I ended up doing about 5 rounds (I know you said to terminate but at that point I just felt like doing something while I had to wait for Erika to finish) So I pretty much did 5 rounds and did about 100 sit-ups… I know super creative and I wasn’t suppose to keep going 🙂


August 18, 2014

A. Goblet Squat @50×1; 6-8×4; Rest 90 seconds – – video this and text it to me please, from all angles as well.
B1. Prone Row @20×2; 6-8×4; Rest 60 seconds
B2. Ring Row @2020; Max reps x5; Rest 2 minutes
C. Deadbugs; 24 alternating x4; Rest as needed – video this from the floor so I can see your low back please
D. DB Trap 3 raise @1116; 3-5 x5; Rest as needed – use 2.5 pound plates if you have to
12 sets
60 seconds assault bike
60 seconds rest
– Keep all sets the same pace, log the RPMs per set

For part A… (lb) 7 (35), 8 (35), 8 (35), 8 (35)… you saw the videos

For part B1… all sets were 8 reps with 20lbs added
For part B2… I struggled with these a little… doing a tempo is hard for me on these… I did the max # of reps I could without worming or compromising my form… 5, 4, 5, 4, 5

For part D… I did all sets at 5 reps (lb)… 5 (2.5), 5 (3.75), 5 (3.75), 5, (5), 5 (5) I finally felt like the 3.75 was a little light. I moved the last 2 sets up to 5 lbs… it was a little tougher but I made it the 6s at the top with 5 reps each set.

For the assault bike… 1( 54), 2 (56), 3 (56), 4 (56), 5 (56), 6 (55), 7 (54), 8 (56), 9 (57), 10 (56), 11 (56), 12 (57)… I tried to keep all sets RPMs the same… some sets I felt tired on and others I felt like I had energy… strange

My energy still sucks… It’s a long story I won’t get into but hopefully my energy will be better by the end of the week. I emailed Jen and am waiting to hear back from her on a time to come in.


August 16, 2014

45 minutes @ 80% aerobic effort
10 ring push ups – no worming allowed, if you start to worm, switch to regular push ups, if you worm there, switch to push ups on the rack with a barbell
12 KB Rack reverse lunge per leg (alternate legs per rep) –
10 ring rows @2020 tempo
12 cals assault bike
– Record the time per round, all rounds within 10 seconds

I tried my hardest to keep my rounds all with in 10seconds. 1- 4:14, 2- 5:13, 3- 5:02, 4- 5:03, 5- 5:39, 6- 5:16, 7- 5:09, 8- 5:10, 9- 5:01… I know my first round I started to go really hard and then I slowed myself down. There were a few seconds wasted when I had to write down my time.

I enjoyed a workout like this as I felt like I was constantly moving. Thank you for changing it up a little bit for me. The ring rows were hard with a tempo for me. I used 26lb KB for the reverse lunge. My energy is still pretty bad right now 😦

This coming week I have my boss riding with me on Wednesday so that will have to be my day off as I will need to meet him around 8am. The following week Erika, Jason and myself are going to Michigan to see my parents. We will be leaving Thursday Aug 28th so that will be my day off and then Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th I am sure we will go to the cross fit Erika and I have been to near my parents house.