August 4th 2014

A. 1-arm KB Rack Squat to bench @3030; Max quality reps x5 PER arm; Rest as needed between arms
B. Prone Row @20×2; 6-8×4; Rest 100 seconds
C. Deadbugs; 20 alternating x4; Rest as needed
D. DB Trap 3 raise @1116; 2-4 x5; Rest as needed
10 sets
60 seconds assault bike
60 seconds rest
– Keep all sets the same pace, log the RPMs per set

For part A… I wasn’t sure how many sets to do as you didn’t list # of sets… therefore I asked Jason and he said “probably 4” so all sets were done using a 26lb kettle bell. For part B… I added 30lbs to the bar but it wasn’t until the 4th set that Mike Lee told me I was doing it wrong. Once he showed me where exactly to place my hands I realized that 30lbs was to heavy especially to get my elbows where he said they should be. For part D… ummm yea that was quite hard holding at the top for 6s… made it to a really heavy weight of 5lb. The assault bike sets are as follows. 1)57 2) 56 3)56 4)55 5)54 6)54 7)54 8)54 9)54 10)54…. I wasn’t sure really what was ideal for the RPMs… I used to have a road bike (didn’t last long as the bike and I didn’t get along) but I used to try and cycle around 21mph which equated to around 56RPMs so that is where I tried to keep the RPMs at today. When I do a full out sprint for 20s I try to keep the RPMs around 68-70 so I figured in the mid 50s was probably about right for me… but then again “what do I know?”

Today’s workout felt a little strange for me as they weren’t really movements I was used to nor have done. I have always done pendlay rows, but no deadbugs, trap raises or 1 arm kb squat to bench. I was sweating but am normally used to the Amraps, Emoms, and Rounds for time type formatting so I am not sure I was breathing that hard (except for the Assault bike) so I wondered really what kind of workout I did? I know I have to “re-train” my brains way of thinking and the way my body does the movements. Additionally I was a bit tired after being on the east coast for the last 5 days. Plus I was really sore from the cross fit I went to in Virginia. Their programming sucked so I ended up adding onto their workouts at the end. Thursday’s workout had rope climbs and they just got all new ropes so I also have a nice rope burn to add to my soreness… And I won’t’ lie… my eating wasn’t the greatest and my alcohol consumption was pretty high 🙂 (but I had fun so that’s what matters to me) I am sure my body wanted to reject the clean meal I ate at dinner last night!!! Today it was back on track eating and I am going to log my food for Jason this week to make sure I get back on the right track with the workouts you are giving me. I know it will take time to learn these movements and how to properly do them but I am up for the challenge! LOL


2 thoughts on “August 4th 2014

  1. 🙂 I did too say how many sets ;)…i said x5 per arm…max quality reps x5 per arm means max quality reps at that tempo…then switch arms…do that 5 times :p :p

    yes! You had fun..that’s what matters right? You gotta make sure you have fulfillment in your life and live with no regrets…zero judgement on my end, if you’re cool with it then I am too 🙂

    this workout shouldn’t be hard like an AMRAP or anything…that’s honestly not what you need right now…it’ll be getting harder progressively, but I figured you’d have to ease in after a week gone…so give it a few more weeks, you’ll start to see some good progress 🙂

    Michael Bann OPT Strength and Conditioning Coach OPT | International Center for Fitness 16573 N 92 St #135, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Office: 480-699-3045


    • Well apparently my household has reading issues as we all looked at it and didn’t understand the “max quality reps x5 per arm” I swear we all went to college 🙂 LOL


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