August 7, 2014

A. 1-arm KB Rack squat to bench @4040; Max quality reps x4; Rest as needed – video the last set

B. Prone Row @1114; 2-5×5; Rest 100 seconds

D. Deadbugs 20 x4; Rest as needed – alternate sides per rep

E. DB Trap 3 raise @1116; 2-4×5; Rest as needed


20 sets

30 seconds assault bike 90% aero

30 seconds rest

– All sets within 5 RPMs

For part A… Right 12(26lb), 10 (35lb), 9 (35lb), 10 (35lb)

Left 12 (26lb), 7 (35lb), 8 (35lb), 10 (35lb)

For part B… +20lb… now that I knew how to do it properly the 20lb was tough but still doable. I could feel the last set struggling a little more to hold it 4s at the top.

For part E… I used the 5lb weights again. It’s tough holding it 6s at the top.

For the assault bike sprints… I kept all of the RPMs between 62-66… not sure if that is good or not but I was breathing pretty heavy.

Today I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to workout. I just have a lot going on at work and in my personal life. I tried to video the last set of 1 arm KB squats but either the angle kept being wrong or ppl kept walking in front of my phone, plus my phone fell down at one point. Will try again the next time. When I am doing the assault bike and you list 30s of rest… is that no movement? or keep pedaling really slowly??? The workout was a little frustrating today as I had already done it Monday just with different tempos and different assault bike intervals. I am sure there is a method to your madness but it frustrated me. I know I have to get used to this different way of workout. I will be patient with you if you are patient with me 🙂


One thought on “August 7, 2014

  1. poor movement is the result of a habit…so in order to fix poor must create a new habit..

    so yes you’ll be doing the same things over and over..that’s called strength and conditioning…that’s how programs are written

    Michael Bann OPT Strength and Conditioning Coach OPT | International Center for Fitness 16573 N 92 St #135, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Office: 480-699-3045


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