August 9, 2014

3 sets through – log the split PER set

10 minutes 80% aerobic effort
15 cal assault bike
10 PERFECT push ups – use squat rack if you have to, but ZERO working –

Rest 2 minutes

10 minutes aerobic effort
15 call assault bike
10 reverse crunches PERFECT technique, slow and controlled – password is “goodtechnique” all one word

Rest 2 minutes

For the first 10 min rounds… 3rds +7calories
3rds + 9 calories
3rds + 15calories

For the second 10 min rounds… 3rds + 7 calories
3rds + 10 calories
3rds + 11 calories

I did the sets how you wanted straight thru 3x… The first set of push ups I did all normally with chest to the ground and pushing myself back up… without “worming”… the second 2 sets I went to my knees. I was going to put a bar on the squat rack and do it that way and honestly I don’t know why I didn’t…. felt I got a lot more in but trying to go to my knees and lower myself slowly and push back up. Those were still tough for me. The second sets I am not sure I got that much out of the reverse crunches. I did them just like the video showed and did them very slow but I don’t know why I just didn’t feel much, maybe I wasn’t contracting my stomach muscles enough. The assault bike became hard keeping my pace around 52-58 RPMs…. my legs were very tired it seemed by the 3 set thru.


One thought on “August 9, 2014

  1. push ups never on knees…i write it a certain way because it needs to be done that way. on knees won’t allow trunk stability in the way you need it..if it’s busy and squat racks are taken, you can use a bench or try to use another apparatus but from toes is not going to help you develop your fitness

    reverse crunch might not be felt, that’s totally fine. i’m just trying to get you out of extreme lordotic curve. This could just mean you need more glute isolation not core work (yet).

    how are energy levels as of now after week 1?

    Michael Bann OPT Strength and Conditioning Coach OPT | International Center for Fitness 16573 N 92 St #135, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Office: 480-699-3045


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