August 13, 2014

A. 1-arm KB Rack squat to bench @4040; Max quality reps x4; Rest as needed – video the last set
B. Prone Row @1114; 2-5×5; Rest 100 seconds
C. Tall Kneeling KB 1-arm Press @12×1; 4-6/arm x4; Rest 60 seconds between arms
D. Deadbugs 30 x4; Rest as needed – alternate sides per rep
24 sets
30 seconds assault bike 90% aero
30 seconds rest
– All sets within 5 RPMs

For part A… Left (lb)… 7 (35) 6 (35) 7 (35) 7 (35)
Right (lb)…. 6 (35) 8 (35) 7 (35) 7 (35
I feel like I can do more of these and maybe I just need to use a lighter weight as I feel the KB starts to hurt my wrists and I lose my balance a little and that is usually when I stop as I consider that failure if I drop the weight.

For part B… All sets were 5 reps… (+10) (+15) (+20) (+20) (+20)

For part C… Left (lb) 4 (26) 6 (26) 6 (26) 5 (26)
Right (lb) 4 (26) 6 (26) 6 (26) 6 (26)
I feel like i could do more of these but the lightest KB is 26lb… the last few reps each time were a little struggle to push it up there.

For the assault bike… I kept the RPMs around 58 each time. I get confused about aerobic and anaerobic sometime. I at first looked at the 24 sets and thought all were all out 90% effort sprints and was like “not cool” but then Jason said it was aerobic effort. That made me feel better. Hopefully you will be in the gym on Saturday and we can talk… I need a little bit of variation… I understand you are trying to get me to re-train movements but I don’t get very motivated when its monotonous… maybe 1 day we can change it up? Like do 4x per week these types of movements and then Saturday like a 45min Amrap of rowing, double unders, deadlifts, sit ups etc… all stuff I can’t be terrible too at ( I don’t think 🙂 )! LOL No rope climbs though… I don’t mind them but my leg has a nice rope burn on it from the CF in Virginia still.


One thought on “August 13, 2014

  1. won’t be in saturday, i’m volunteering with feed my starving children

    but I hear you on variability. I’ll throw in some adjustments

    but you do need to understand that you’ve come to me to help, and this is what I do best….and you need to learn patience with training and not be after instant gratification….you spent a long time having bad movement…it’s the same as if you were 100 pounds overweight and you got upset that you didn’t lose the weight in 1 month…training is different then random workouts, it’s a process, there is a plan, there is purpose…variation is NOT the solution to your goal right now…so i’ll adjust as best as possible but it won’t be a lot of barbell touch and go stuff…but again I will do my best to keep it varied…video things for me though so I can see more of your movement 🙂 It’ll give me great insight as to how you do day to day with movement

    Michael Bann OPT Strength and Conditioning Coach OPT | International Center for Fitness 16573 N 92 St #135, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Office: 480-699-3045


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