August 27, 2014

A. Single Leg/ Single arm DB Deadlift from deadstop; 6-8/leg x4; Rest 75 seconds between legs
B. Single arm KB Push Press @50×1; 3-5/arm x5; Rest 75 seconds between arms
C. Pull ups @40×1; 2-4×5; Rest 90 seconds
4 sets
20 seconds assault bike all out effort
– Record calories per set

For part A… THe first 2 sets I did 8 reps using a 30lb DB. Sets 3 and 4… I did 8 reps using a 40lb DB… My balance wasn’t that good for these. I kept having to lightly touch my raised leg to the ground to prevent myself from falling over.

For part B… The first set I did 5 reps using 22lb just to get the feel of the tempo. Sets 2-5 I did 5 reps using a 26.4lb KB. I would have liked to go a little heavier in set 5 but there is no 30lb KB and 35lb was to heavy. Would like to be able to swap in a DB if I want to go up in weight.

For part C… I did all four sets at 4 reps set at 110lb. I have a hard time with the tempo of these just lowering down and pulling back up. I feel like it might take some time before I start to go down in weight here.

For the 20s AB… I did 5 calories each set in the 20s. I don’t think you wanted total calories for the 20s + 3:30 but I could be wrong.

I felt sore today especially from the goblet RFESS from yesterday. I thought my abs and core would hurt more from the 2 100 deadbugs yesterday but it doesn’t. Maybe I am not suppose to be sore there. Today’s workout didn’t feel like much to me. I felt I definitely could have done more. I don’t think the CF gym will let me do my own workouts but I think they will be fine with me substituting certain movements in the workout. I think they post their WOD the night before so we can look at it and I think I am capable of changing it to what you are trying to help me with.

Have a great Labor Day. I will let you know what they end up programming and if I substitute anything. 🙂


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