August 15, 2014

I did not make it to the gym today. I went to bed Thursday night with a migraine and sadly it was not gone when I woke up Friday morning 😦 Therefore I had to take medications and lie down.


August 13, 2014

A. 1-arm KB Rack squat to bench @4040; Max quality reps x4; Rest as needed – video the last set
B. Prone Row @1114; 2-5×5; Rest 100 seconds
C. Tall Kneeling KB 1-arm Press @12×1; 4-6/arm x4; Rest 60 seconds between arms
D. Deadbugs 30 x4; Rest as needed – alternate sides per rep
24 sets
30 seconds assault bike 90% aero
30 seconds rest
– All sets within 5 RPMs

For part A… Left (lb)… 7 (35) 6 (35) 7 (35) 7 (35)
Right (lb)…. 6 (35) 8 (35) 7 (35) 7 (35
I feel like I can do more of these and maybe I just need to use a lighter weight as I feel the KB starts to hurt my wrists and I lose my balance a little and that is usually when I stop as I consider that failure if I drop the weight.

For part B… All sets were 5 reps… (+10) (+15) (+20) (+20) (+20)

For part C… Left (lb) 4 (26) 6 (26) 6 (26) 5 (26)
Right (lb) 4 (26) 6 (26) 6 (26) 6 (26)
I feel like i could do more of these but the lightest KB is 26lb… the last few reps each time were a little struggle to push it up there.

For the assault bike… I kept the RPMs around 58 each time. I get confused about aerobic and anaerobic sometime. I at first looked at the 24 sets and thought all were all out 90% effort sprints and was like “not cool” but then Jason said it was aerobic effort. That made me feel better. Hopefully you will be in the gym on Saturday and we can talk… I need a little bit of variation… I understand you are trying to get me to re-train movements but I don’t get very motivated when its monotonous… maybe 1 day we can change it up? Like do 4x per week these types of movements and then Saturday like a 45min Amrap of rowing, double unders, deadlifts, sit ups etc… all stuff I can’t be terrible too at ( I don’t think 🙂 )! LOL No rope climbs though… I don’t mind them but my leg has a nice rope burn on it from the CF in Virginia still.


August 12, 2014

A. Snatch Grip RDL @3030; 4-6×5; Rest 90 seconds
B. 1-arm DB Bench Press with bridge @21×1; 6-8/arm x4; Rest 60 seconds between arms
C. WTD Pull up @30×1; 3-5×5; Rest 75 seconds
D. Side Plank clamshell; 20 per side x4; Rest as needed –
E. DB Seated external rotations @3010; 6-8/arm x3; Rest as needed
12 sets
60 seconds ski erg 90% aerobic effort
60 seconds rest
– All sets same exact pace, log pace per set

For part A (lb)… 5 (85), 6 (85), 5 (85), 5 (85), 5(85)… I knew I could go higher in weight on these however the grip was hard for me using a snatch grip. I kept feeling like I didn’t have a good grasp on the bar.

For part B (lb)…. Left: 8reps (20), 8 (25), 8 25), 8 (25)
Right: 8reps (20), 8 (25), 8 (25), 8 (25)

For part C (lb)…. 5reps (120), 5 (105), 4 (105), 5 (105)

For part D… I felt ridiculously stupid doing these. I got asked if I was doing the thigh master… so maybe I can help Suzanne Summers bring it back!!! LOL

For part E (lb)… Left 8 (7.5), 8 (10), 8 (12.5)
Right 8 (7.5), 8 (10), 8 (12.5) These are starting to become easier for me. I think the last time I only used 10lb… I could be wrong but I am starting to feel stronger with these.

For the ski erg… It was broken so therefore I did row intervals and tried to keep my pace the same each time… I however seemed to get a little bit faster each time… not sure what that was about… 1 (2:16) 2 (2:15) 3 (2:14) 4 (2:13) 5 (2:12) 6 (2:11) 7 (2:11) 8 (2:10) 9 (2:09) 10 (2:10) 11 (2:10) 12 (2:08)

My energy still isn’t where I would like it to be but that might take me a little time as I sort through some other stuff in my life. I don’t know why but I enjoy rowing… I feel that is something I can maintain a steady pace at. I didn’t sleep well last night so I felt a little sluggish when I started this morning…


August 11, 2014

A. 1-arm KB Rack Squat to 18″ box @3030; 6-8/arm x4; Rest 60 seconds between arms – keep chest up high, sit back, stay on heels, feet only slightly turned out
B. Prone Row @20×2; 6-8×4; Rest 100 seconds
C. Deadbugs; 24 alternating x4; Rest as needed –
D. DB Trap 3 raise @1116; 3-5 x5; Rest as needed – use 2.5 pound plates if you have to
12 sets
60 seconds assault bike
60 seconds rest
– Keep all sets the same pace, log the RPMs per set

For part A… All sets were done using a 26lb KB with 8 reps on each side. I really focused on trying to push my knees out and keep them out as I was rising back up.
For part B… The first set of the prone row I did 8 reps with +10 added. Sets 2-4 I did 8 reps with +15lbs added… I feel this more when I have to do a hold at the top. I choose not to go heavier as I wanted to try to do 8 reps with the 2s hold at the top and keep good form.
For Part D… All sets were reps of 5… the first set I used the 2.5Lb plate and sets 2-5 I used the 2.5lb plate plus the 1.25lb… I know I went super heavy 🙂 It’s hard holding that up for 6s and trying to maintain good form.

For the assault bike (RPMs)… 1 (62) 2 (62) 3 (61) 4 (61) 5 (60) 6 (60) 7 (58) 8 (60) 9 (59) 10 (59) 11 (59) 12(60)… I tried my hardest to keep the RPMs the same each time. My legs were starting to get tired. In set 7 I got distracted and I won’t say by what because it isn’t nice LOL… My goal was to try to maintain 60-62 through all of the sets.

As far as my energy goes… it’s not great right now. It’s not because of the workout or my eating, I just have A LOT of personal stuff going on right now that I am trying to sort through.


August 9, 2014

3 sets through – log the split PER set

10 minutes 80% aerobic effort
15 cal assault bike
10 PERFECT push ups – use squat rack if you have to, but ZERO working –

Rest 2 minutes

10 minutes aerobic effort
15 call assault bike
10 reverse crunches PERFECT technique, slow and controlled – password is “goodtechnique” all one word

Rest 2 minutes

For the first 10 min rounds… 3rds +7calories
3rds + 9 calories
3rds + 15calories

For the second 10 min rounds… 3rds + 7 calories
3rds + 10 calories
3rds + 11 calories

I did the sets how you wanted straight thru 3x… The first set of push ups I did all normally with chest to the ground and pushing myself back up… without “worming”… the second 2 sets I went to my knees. I was going to put a bar on the squat rack and do it that way and honestly I don’t know why I didn’t…. felt I got a lot more in but trying to go to my knees and lower myself slowly and push back up. Those were still tough for me. The second sets I am not sure I got that much out of the reverse crunches. I did them just like the video showed and did them very slow but I don’t know why I just didn’t feel much, maybe I wasn’t contracting my stomach muscles enough. The assault bike became hard keeping my pace around 52-58 RPMs…. my legs were very tired it seemed by the 3 set thru.


August 8, 2014

A. Seated Barbell good morning @5050; 4-6×5; Rest 100 seconds –
B. Half kneeling landmine press @2020; Max quality reps per side x4; Rest as needed –
C. Neutral grip gravitron @5011; 6-8×4; Rest 100 seconds
D. Side Plank; Max hold per side x4; Rest as needed
20 sets
30 seconds assault bike 90%
30 seconds rest
– All sets within 5 RPMs

For part A… the first 3 sets were done using 55lb and the last 2 sets with 60lb

For part B… Left side: 11(45lb) 9(45lb) 8 (45lb) 9 (45lb)
Right side: 12 (45lb) 13 (45lb) 11 (45lb) 10 (45lb0

For part C… the first set I did 6 at the 105lb and sets 2-4 I did 6 reps at the 120lb

For part D. Left side: 1:01, 1:12, 1:16, 1:20
Right side: 1:12, 1:15, 1:18, 1:23

For the assault bike ass sets were between 62-65 RPMs

I thought the seated GM were good but then again I like good mornings. The landline press started to get harder as you got further into the sets. Reps above 7 were a bit of a struggle for me. I had a hard time with the graviton and lowering 5s and then trying to pull myself back up. I guess I need work there. I also need work on my side plank. It hurts my arms propping myself up so I tried placing a towel under my elbows but I still didn’t last long.


August 7, 2014

A. 1-arm KB Rack squat to bench @4040; Max quality reps x4; Rest as needed – video the last set

B. Prone Row @1114; 2-5×5; Rest 100 seconds

D. Deadbugs 20 x4; Rest as needed – alternate sides per rep

E. DB Trap 3 raise @1116; 2-4×5; Rest as needed


20 sets

30 seconds assault bike 90% aero

30 seconds rest

– All sets within 5 RPMs

For part A… Right 12(26lb), 10 (35lb), 9 (35lb), 10 (35lb)

Left 12 (26lb), 7 (35lb), 8 (35lb), 10 (35lb)

For part B… +20lb… now that I knew how to do it properly the 20lb was tough but still doable. I could feel the last set struggling a little more to hold it 4s at the top.

For part E… I used the 5lb weights again. It’s tough holding it 6s at the top.

For the assault bike sprints… I kept all of the RPMs between 62-66… not sure if that is good or not but I was breathing pretty heavy.

Today I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to workout. I just have a lot going on at work and in my personal life. I tried to video the last set of 1 arm KB squats but either the angle kept being wrong or ppl kept walking in front of my phone, plus my phone fell down at one point. Will try again the next time. When I am doing the assault bike and you list 30s of rest… is that no movement? or keep pedaling really slowly??? The workout was a little frustrating today as I had already done it Monday just with different tempos and different assault bike intervals. I am sure there is a method to your madness but it frustrated me. I know I have to get used to this different way of workout. I will be patient with you if you are patient with me 🙂